Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Big O

At Platform Studio's we've been busy getting ready for our May 11 opening. Having an Oprah Network film-crew do a segment about us certainly doesn't hurt! Pretty funny to hear the great and powerful Oprah talking about our figure drawing group (shameless plug: 7-9:30 Tues. Wed. Thurs.)

Check it out here.

Here are some images for a mural proposal. Funny thing about moving into the big city is that suddenly I am interested in landscapes...

Click them to see the full-sized foliage.

Ink and brush work.


  1. Beautiful, Nick. All those hikes you've taken are showing up in your peaceful work.

  2. Ahhh yeah, gettin' the Oprah bump. You've brought me to a magical world of outdorrsyness with these drawings.