Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The South-Lawn Icon

Hello 2012! I keep hearing that this year is our last, so I figured I'd look back a year, rather than forward...

I was invited to participate in The Callbox Project in Washington D.C. a while back. I'd been fascinated by the religious tradition of icon paintings for a while. This project was the right opportunity to paint some icons of my own.

I'd once met a young man who spent a while in prison. He didn't turn into an animal, join a gang, or hatch a "so-crazy-it-might-just-work" escape plan. He taught himself to read so that he could help his daughter with school once he returned. He kept is head low, got out, and was living a very normal life when I met him. I was deeply impressed by his accomplishment, which he achieved despite his deeply unhelpful circumstances at the time.

Kate Clark, the formidable artist and project curator, installed my work across from the White House...not bad! Thanks Kate.

One box is closed, and one box is open.

Yep. That is a Top-Ramen offering.