Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chicago Typewriter

Run for cover! Its Nick's awesome ASCii Art of the terrifically terrifying tommy-gun!

I always liked the the tommy-gun's "Chicago Typewriter," nickname, and the look of old Underwood typewriters that the authors used to write those cheesy noir stories.

Business as usual in Chicago...

(Click to enlarge the pic, 'caus that ascii tommy-gun took some doing!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

High Five

Lots of big news this week!

I've been selected as finalist for the Ideas For Impact 'Noble Prize for Social Impact' award. Keep your fingers crossed, and maybe send some cake or chocolates to the contest committee on my behalf! Read about it at their blog.

I've also officially joined a studio! The Platform Six Studio is alive and kicking. I'll be working along-side some great artists in a stunning work space. It is huge, framed with giant timbers, shares a building with many other great creative folks like Spudnik Press, and it has an incredible view of the downtown city-scape.

Finally, I sat down one evening and figured out how to make 3D images, because why not. Dust off your red n' blue 3D specs' and take a look at this picture works!